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Seoul Museum exhibits hyperrealistic life cycle Updated: 2015-06-03 03:51:47 KST

"All is vanity" -- this is the message distilled through the latest exhibition set to open at the Seoul Museum, where art is on display representing pieces that go against modern-thinking that adding more is the key to nourishing ones' life.

"You can write something about what you most value in life -- whether it's love, friendship or happiness. Then it's printed out through the branches of this tree and falls down like leaves. The interactive art installation demonstrates that, just as in life, the things we hold most dear can also fade with time."

At the center of this program is hyperrealist art, which turns reality into an illusion, and a major artist in this movement is Sam Jinks, an Australian artist who's taken hyperrealism to the next level, with replicas of humans made with silicon.
His works portray the beginning of life or near death themes he tried to accept and understand as part of something larger than oneself.

"My own fears of death and what's associated with that made me attempt to confront it in some way so that it wasn't so frightening But the experience of holding a newborn baby it is alien in many ways as holding a different creature altogether And if you look at it with birth and death can feel tragic but if you're experiencing it in terms of like in some sort of revolving you know cycle than it makes it easier to deal with so."

And the astonishing similarities between Jink's sculptures and real human beings are largely due to the materials he uses.

"I've always loved detailed work. I even find jewelry or things that are finely made or carefully made they tend to last because people treasure them in some way. I think with this work over here the woman and child sculpture I did spend a lot of time refining the details in the skin to try and give it an extra level of detail that as people moved into it they can continue in enjoying it as they get closer and closer."

The exhibition opens this Friday and will run through August 9th.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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