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[IFFPIE 2013 Awards] 'comfort women' One Last Cry

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Working Hypothesis

Being Korea, the 'comfort women' issue is often reported in this country from a Korean perspective. But it’s a global issue, and this documentary will approach the issue from that angle. The aim is to portray the sexual enslavement by the Japanese military during World War II as an extreme human rights violation that calls for the concerted efforts by the global community.

This feature piece will show this in action by exploring the situation and meeting with the living victims of Japan’s atrocities in not only in Korea, but China, the Philippines, and the Netherlands.


This documentary will be produced and aired as President-elect Park Geun-hye takes office for a five-year term as Korea’s first female president in history.
We hope this piece will bring awareness to the new Korean administration as well as audiences all over the world that time is running out.
If the issue isn't resolved in the next five years, it is highly unlikely that most of the victims will see justice in their lifetime.
The time “factor” will also be accentuated by interviews with certain individuals with previous media exposures who have aged dramatically and we will be able to witness their memories dwindling, as well.


Although there have been various productions on the topic of “comfort women” in the past, and I have to admit, some parts of this documentary will overlap with previously made pieces.
However, that will only be limited to the factual aspect of the Japanese military’s brutal activities during the Pacific War which cannot be reminded or highlighted enough for many more global citizens to become aware of what actually transpired during that time.