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TUE, 2014-12-23  KST

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Lim Chang-jung

Lim Chang-jung
Date of Birth
NOV 30, 1973
wife Kim Hyun-joo (1 son)
"If the Sun Rises in the West," "Sex is Zero," "Miracle on 1st Street," "Underground Rendez-vous," "Scout"
2008, The 44th BaekSang Arts Awards, Film category, best male actor award, 2003, The 39th BaekSang Arts Awards, Galleria popularity award

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Lim Chang-jung

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Lim Chang-jung - Jack of all trades in the entertainment world! His 2nd heyday.

Lim Chang-jung, an all-round entertainer has returned to the music industry after a 6-year absence. This time, he met his 2nd heyday through the musical "Laundry." Lim Chang-jung can merge happiness and sadness at the same time. Lets go meet him right now!

At the press conference of the musical "Laundry," we met our star Lim Chang-jung. His expression's a mix of nervousness and uneasiness. Is it because it's been 16 years since he last stood on the musical stage, and now, making a comeback?

The musical "Laundry" deals with life's joys and sorrows of ordinary people living in a shabby hillside area. This musical's been the talk of the town because Lim Chang-jung, who plays the character of an immigrated laborer, Solongo, declared in advance that he will perform for free.

It's not just in the musical arena he's made a comeback in. He has returned after a 6-year hiatus as a singer with a new album, and have swept the number 1 spot on all the music charts, becoming popular again.

As his comeback strategy, they've set forth his specialty: "The Lim Chang-jung style ballad." The main song "Catch up" has a gentle melody, with strong emotional lyrics, naturally covering up his long absence from the music world.

With "A glass of soju" as his final hit, Lim Chang-jung announced his retirement in 2003. As much as he suffered and yearned for music, he feels that being on stage again is a miracle, and cherishes each and every moment.

Like his success in the music world, Lim Chang-jung has become prominent in Korean entertainment as an actor. His comical expressions and humane acting are his trademarks.

Lim Chang-jung has the pathos characteristics to make his audience laugh and cry. In no time at all, he's about to celebrate his 20th anniversary since debuting. There's no way to separate "music" and "acting," which are his precious assets.

The love and support he receives from his family are the main reasons for him to maintain his never-changing image. His wife and two sons are the sole reason for Lim Chang-jung's existence.

Lim Chang-jung's meeting his 2nd heyday as an actor and a singer. After a 10-year hiatus, he's in the midst of planning a concert as well. Whether it's singing, or acting, Lim Chang-jung is a star who works hard with passion. We wish him the best!

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  • UAEELF (United Arab Emirates)

    Keep fightin >> I love your songs ..

  • dbstjrghkdwp (Korea)

    i love your song your song is number one zzzzz lim - chang -jung forever zzz

  • rinsu10 (Singapore)

    I'm really enjoying your music and performances. I've watched a few shows he appear on and he is really entertaining. FIGHTING!!!

  • Beriwan (Turkey)

    ^__^ Lim Chang Jung! FIGHTING!!! Best Luck For You!! Happy Days For You And Your Family!! AJA AJA!!! FIGHTING!!!~~ Thanks!!!

  • kristinegirl (Philippines)

    Lim Chang Jung!!!Fighting!!!I love all your songs♥!!!

  • Pacifica12 (Philippines)

    Hi! I really like your songs and your voice also. I watch you sing once in the MuBank it's really great. Hope you can perform more on stages. God Bless and Take care...

  • lterraf123 (Spain)

    I love your latest song, even though I didn't know you. I just like too much your voice ^^ 5ting!

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