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SAT, 2014-12-20  KST

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Park Si-yeon

Park Si-yeon
Date of Birth
MAR 29, 1979
The 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress (2007), SBS Acting Awards: New Star Award (2006), etc.

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Park Si-yeon

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From roles of bubbly, young adults, to women drowning from a sorrow-filled life!
Actress Park Si-yeon is always striving for change in the characters she portrays.
Today's "Star Focus" gives us the opportunity to hear Park Si-yeon tell her story.

Critics are raving about Park Si-yeon these days. She's been doing better than well in her new TV drama. She plays "Hong Da-ae" in the drama, "A Bittersweet Life," a woman that you can't help but fall in love with.
The role seemed to be made for Si-yeon!

Park Si-yeon's new character gets into a relationship with a married man because of her desire for material wealth and Si-yeon was mesmerizing audiences with her flair... and her fantastic wardrobe! ^^

Oh Yeon-soo and Jung Bo-seok, two performers with infallible acting talent. Plus, former "My Girl" co-star, Lee Dong-wook!
Though Park Si-yeon is definitely not a rookie, she told us that she was a nervous wreck before the first day of filming for "A Bittersweet Life."

With a background including the 2000 Miss Korea Pageant, it was no wonder that Si-yeon had a great figure. Her body and pretty face helped her become one of Korea's adored actresses. Even in this drama, she was loveable!

Park Si-yeon began acting in the TV drama, "My Girl".
She alternated between modern-day dramas and historical ones.
The actress marked her territory in movies, too, with "The Fox Family" and "A Love." "New Actress" awards lined her walls.

After working with the best of the best - Zo In-sung, Lee Jun-ki, Lee Dong-wook, Joo Jin-mo and Yoon Gye-sang - anyone would be jealous of actress Park Si-yeon!
Now, out of the long list of fantastic co-workers, who left a lasting impression??

Before she grew to be an esteemed actress in Korea, she was already recognized in China after a TV drama she did there.
Then, when she appeared in the drama, "My Girl," as a tennis player, she became even more well-known! Especially after the drama's trans-Asian broadcast.

In the past, she was constantly struggling to memorize her lines, but nowadays, the actress admits that she's more relaxed in her approach to acting, and able to "feel" her characters better.
But she really didn't have to tell us that. We could see that in her performances.

Commercials, ads, TV dramas, films. So far, Park Si-yeon has been able to catch us off-guard with her solid performances! In fact, Si-yeon seems to have hit one of her career highs, because there are parts lined up for her after every production she finishes.

"A Bittersweet Life" has brought Si-yeon more "sweet" than "bitter"!
She's learning a lot and taking her career step-by-step, calmly, to the top.
We'll make sure to keep an eye on her progress and bring you all the updates!

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  • rainshikha (Nepal)

    hey lady..........
    u r so wishes from we all NEPALESE

  • krescha88 (Philippines)

    hi,.i love tha way u act,!!keep it up,!!!stay pretty girl,!!!lOvE yAh,!!

  • katurina (Philippines)


    but im so sad about u and ERIC..u look compatible though...^^

    goodluck to u~..stay pretty^^XOXO

  • Beriwan (Turkey)

    Si Yeon is So Pretty! And She's Very Successfull! Si Yeon FOREVER!!

  • kpopweirdo (USA)

    Your so pretty, I love korean movie and thier music, im a huge fan.. YOu were really good in my girl. it was a great movie.

  • bungo (India)

    Hi ! korean films r so nice- i like korean culture and all the girls of korean's are looking so cool n like peace- ---Park Si-yeon u 2 so nice looking and have a good luck 4 ur all coming film --

  • maimai1177 (Philippines)

    hello! i like my girl so much that i cant count the number of times i watched it.

    krean culture facinates me and i wish that someday i can go there and experience it myself.

    i know that you will go a long way in the entertainment industry. keep up the good work! aja! aja! fighting!

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