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The World On Arirang

The World On Arirang

Reaching every corner of the world. Arirang TV is to present an unbiased view and reliable information of Korea to the world through the wide range of programs such as Korean news, cultural, educational and entertainment show, dramas, documentaries and more.

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About arirang

arirang CEO


I'm president of Arirang TV, a broadcast station dedicated to promoting Korea to the world.

Korea has a 5,000-year history and a rich cultural legacy.

In under half a century, Korea has risen from the ruins of the Korean War and created a miracle on the Hangang River, becoming one of the world’s biggest and brightest economies. It has also built a strong democracy, achieving unbelievable progress both in terms of economic growth and democratization.

Korea is poised to build yet another miracle based on its culture, known as the “Korean Wave.” Arirang TV has been at the centre of this miracle, promoting Korea around the world since a time when “South Korea” was still unknown to many. As a result of our efforts, Arirang TV has become a bridge between Korea and the world. Thanks to Arirang TV, viewers from around the world have become fans of K-pop, K-dramas, and K-culture. Going beyond that, people are now eager to learn even more about Korea – about day-to-day life in Korea and the nation’s values.

Korean culture is enjoying an upsurge in popularity around the world thanks to Korea’s centuries-long history and culture. Korean culture has many unique elements such as the sentiment of deep sorrow that knows how to comfort sadness and the bold spirit that knows how to share joy, as well as the Korean alphabet and language.

Korean literature, art, traditional music and dance, and folk festivals are the foundation of Korea’s modern-day music, films and TV shows. Koreans’ creativity lives and breathes in today’s modern-day popular culture. Arirang TV will do its utmost to fulfil its role as a channel representing Korea and connecting Korea to the world.

South Korea is also a nation that loves peace.

Surrounded by the world’s superpowers, we are right next to an unpredictable North Korea. We have to deal with numerous issues, such as North Korea’s nuclear threats, peace and unification on the Korean Peninsula, territorial disputes and military tensions.

In these tumultuous times that will go down in history as a significant era, Korea has set the ambitious goal of achieving the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and peaceful reunification, and for paving the way for co-prosperity. Arirang TV will keep its viewers informed on the current situation in Northeast Asia by providing clear and concise information in a fair and balanced way.

Eight centuries ago, Korea invented the first metal printing type, but now it’s a knowledge-based and information powerhouse that shares and utilizes big data.

The media revolution has enabled people around the world to share large amounts of information. Arirang TV also dreams of a media revolution. We will be at the forefront of producing programs optimized for social media, the new media and mobile environment, promoting instant interaction with our viewers, all while deepening our contents and sharing it with the world.

Support from our local and overseas viewers will be greatly appreciated in the years of success to come.

Thank you.