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STUDIO TALK ONE Updated: 2022-01-17 10:20:09 KST

In today's studio session we delve into efforts aimed at LIMITING the POTENTIAL IMPACT of an OMICRON ONSLAUGHT on the local front AMID the DISTRIBUTION of COVID-19 treatment pills.
For more I have Professor Yoo Byung-wook from Soon Chun Hyang University.
Professor Yoo welcome back.
I also have Doctor Kim Seung-taek at Institut Pasteur Korea LIVE on the LINE.

1) Professor Yoo the DECLINE in our daily COVID-19 tally appears to be SLOWING DOWN.
Do you believe OMICRON is to blame?

2) Doctor Kim last Friday nine COVID-19 patients receiving care at home received Paxlovid.
On the priority list are those aged 65 and above as well as those with weak immune systems.
What more can you tell us about those who are ELIGIBLE for the anti-viral pills?

3) Doctor Kim REMDESIVIR which has been used to treat severe illness will be ADMINISTERED to those in hospital for MODERATE symptoms as well.
What are your thoughts?

4) Professor Yoo starting on this Monday COVID-19 prevention measures have been EXTENDED for three more weeks BUT the CAP on social gatherings has been EASED to allow up to 6 people to meet.
Are these current guidelines enough to keep OMICRON at bay?

Following its ALARMING SPREAD in Europe and the U.S. OMICRON is NOW making its presence FELT here in Asia.
For more I have MELBERT REYES the President of the Philippine Nurses Association LIVE on the LINE.
It's a pleasure to have you back Mr. Reyes .

5-1) COVID-19 infections has been hitting well above 35-thousand cases a day over in the Philippines in recent days.
Let's start with the COVID-19 situation there.

5-2) The Philippines is STILL REELING from the AFTERMATH of last month's TYPHOON RAI.
How are authorities there seeking to contain the RESURGENCE in COVID-19 infections WHILE supporting TYPHOON RELIEF efforts?

6) As part of efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 I hear the UNVACCINATED have been BANNED from public transportation.
What has been the public response?

7) Last August you were on the show to share with us the challenges faced by healthcare workers there on the frontlines of the pandemic.
What has been the IMPACT of the LATEST REBOUND in cases on the medical arena?

Again a very big thank you ((to you and your colleagues)) for your SELFLESS DEDICATION to fighting COVID-19 AND for your time and thoughts today.

8) Doctor Kim back here in Korea authorities have spoken about ADOPTING a NEW LEVEL of RESPONSE SHOULD our daily tally hit above 7-thousand.
WHY is this THRESHOLD important?

9) Professor Yoo once our daily tally surpasses 7-thousand our TESTING METHOD will reportedly be EXPANDED to include RAPID ANTIGEN tests.
What are your thoughts on using rapid antigen tests?

10) Doctor Kim some researchers claim a THROAT SWAB may be more EFFECTIVE at detecting OMICRON than a NASAL SWAB.
What are your thoughts?

11) Professor Yoo also under a 7-thousand DAILY TALLY SCENARIO CLINICS within neighborhoods will be asked to treat COVID-19 patients.
Now there are concerns over this plan.
What can be done to ease these concerns?

12) Doctor Kim in response to the LEGAL DISPUTE over vaccine passes authorities have decided to LIFT their REQUIREMENT at a number of venues including movie theaters and large retail stores.
What are your thoughts?

All right

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