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All about CES 2022: Analysis Updated: 2022-01-06 17:19:28 KST

The 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, which kicked off in Las Vegas on Wednesday, has been scaled-down due to Covid-19 variant concerns.
Still, some 21-hundred tech companies are taking part, including a number of South Korean tech giants.
What are the major takeaways?
For more, we have IT expert Mr. David Lee, Founder and Captain of Dream N Future Labs as well as professor of art and technology at Sogang University.
Mr. Lee, thanks for joining us.

What are the technology trends for CES 2022? And personally, what are your major takeaways?

Samsung and LG showcased robot companions and Hyundai unveiled 'Metamobility.'
Could you tell us more on those?
And where are we right now in terms of using those robots in our daily lives?

This year's CES is scaled-down due to the Covid pandemic, particularly concerns about the Omicron variant.
What impact does it have on CES?

I heard some 500 South Korean companies are taking part in this year's CES.
What significance does it have?

What are your prospects for CES 2023?

That was Mr. David Lee, founder of Dream N Future Labs and professor of art and technology at Sogang University.
Thank you for your insights.
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