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Water release lowered over night at Paldang Dam, Jamsu Bridge seeing lower level as well Updated: 2020-08-04 10:03:40 KST

Torrential rain has been pounding South Korea's central regions for the past few days now,… leading to casualties.
The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters has upped its weather alert to the highest level due to the rain, strong winds and flooding.
Still no rain yet in capital Seoul at this hour, but we're going to bring in our Kim Do-yeon live from near Paldang Dam in Gyeonggi-do Province,… a water gate for the Han River that loops through Seoul.
Do-yeon, it doesn't seem like it's raining where you are now, but do tell us more.

Yes, Mark , I'm at Paldang Dam, we haven't seen much rain here even with spots of sunlight but don't let that fool you the forecast still says we're expecting downpours in coming hours
Meanwhile, you can see and even hear the dam continuing to release an enormous amount of backed up water.
As of Eleven A.M., 10 of 15 waterways have been opened for 33 meters to release 7,000 tons of water per second and the pace of release has been coming down since we didn't see as much rain overnight as we did the previous night.
Usually they release around 200 to 800 tons per second.
However, at one point Monday, the dam released about 15-thousand tons of water a second That's the biggest release in five years.
After that, the release was lowered as the water flowing in from the Bukhan River was not as high as expected.

Do-yeon, where does that put roadways in and around capital reiong that had been blocked off for nearly 2 days now?

Mark, the Jamsu Bridge is still closed currently as the water level is still well above the safe level.
While the amount of water is continuously going down, we're still expecting spots of heavy rain throughout the day.
That being said the Dongbu Expressway, Olympic Bridge reopened last night, but they could be closed again during the day.
The government's safety authority lifted the danger level to serious, which is the highest.
They explained this is because the periods of heavy rain are coming unexpectedly, and the continuous downfall has weakened much of the ground which could put citizens in serious danger.
So be sure to be careful and keep yourself up-to-date.
Back to you, Mark.
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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