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Tearful scenes as families from South and North Korea reunite Updated: 2018-08-20 18:17:08 KST

Once again we begin our newscast with an event that reminds us of the painful reality of a nation torn in two.
A life-long wait comes to an end for a select few divided families, thanks to a reconciliatory mood on the Peninsula.
Some 90 South Koreans were selected from a pool of tens of thousands who applied.
They finally met their relatives today.
Let's start things off by turning to our Oh Jung-hee.
Jung-hee, as Koreans, the participants and those witnessing the moment, we are all overcome by a gut-wrenching feeling even as we speak.

You're absolutely right, Daniel.
This afternoon, we witnessed a very emotionally charged event
as the South and North Korean families met each other for the first time at the group reunion. And I just have to say we can't imagine how heartbreaking it would be to meet a family member for the first time after 7 decades of complete separation and no contact.
The participants met each other in many different personal circumstances -- a South Korean mother meeting two North Korean daughters that she unintendedly left behind when seeking refuge during the war; a South Korean uncle reminiscing about his brother who died some time ago by looking at the photos brought by his North Korean niece; sisters from opposite sides of the border recognizing each other at first sight.
Some participants peppered each other with questions to make sure they are who they think they are and after realizing that they were, they'd burst into tears.
Families put their faces together and held each others' hands tight like they never wanted to part again, and they chatted continuously as they shared memories of their common family members who have passed away.
They'd also take out some photos of the past and see how much they resemble each other.
Some cried that they can't believe this is really happening and told the joint press pool reporters there that they want the two Koreas to be reunified so badly, and there'd be nothing greater than to live together even for just one minute.
Agonizing scenes -- some participants, though they got to meet the family members they missed so much -- they couldn't communicate properly because they can't hear well or don't remember much because they've grown so old.

Jung-hee, it's indeed heartbreaking to hear to the stories you're telling us
Let's talk about the reunion schedules How did the South Korean participants go there and what more can we expect during the next two days to come?

Well, more than 360 South Koreans went to North Korea's Mount Kumgang this morning, including the reunion participants, support staff and members of the press.
They went by bus, crossing the inter-Korean land border via the eastern inter-Korean transit office, and arrived at the Mount Kumgang Resort at around 1PM.
The public reunion I was just talking about was first on the schedule: it ended three hours ago, at 5PM Korea time.
Ongoing now is a welcoming dinner hosted by North Korea.
Tomorrow, the families will be able to have some private time and eat lunch on their own in their rooms at the resort and meet once again at another group reunion in the afternoon.
The reunions will come to an end on Wednesday.
All in all, though we say it's a three-day-long reunion, the families actually get just 11 hours to spend together.
And we all know that won't be enough to make up for the past 70 years they've been apart. Daniel.
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