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Prime Talk: James Brauchle on Asiana Crash Updated: 2013-07-08 18:19:41 KST

Prime Talk: James Brauchle on Asiana Crash
To help us shed more light on the Asiana crash investigation, joining us live on the phone from South Carolina is James Brauchle .
He's an attorney at Motley Rice's aviation team who represents victims of aviation disasters and their families.
He's also a former U.S. Air Force navigator with expertise in aviation industry and wreckage inspection and fight reconstruction.
Thank you for joining us.

Thank you for having me.

A team of Korean investigators joined U.S. aviation officials to probe the crash.
Could you walk us through the investigation procedures for accidents like this?

We've heard that it could take the NTSB up to a year to determine the cause. What's the part that takes the longest? And what can we know right away?

Asiana's CEO says mechanical problems are not to blame. Do you think investigators be scrutinizing the pilots' final decisions even more closely?

So apparently the captain Lee Kang-guk had only 43 hours of experience flying the 777-200 and was landing for the first time at SFO. His co-pilot Lee Jeong-min had over 3,000 flying hours on that plane. In the cockpit who ultimately gets to make the final call? The person sitting in the pilot seat the more experienced pilot? Or do you make a team decision even when you have only second to spare?

Let's talk about compensation for the victims and the injured.
If the airline has full insurance coverage, what steps are necessary for compensation? will the nationality and age be major factors of consideration for compensation?

Mr. Brauchle thank you for your time.
Thanks for having me.
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