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Korea No. 1 in TV home shopping Updated: 2013-05-16 19:14:52 KST

 Korea No. 1 in TV home shopping
TV home shopping may have started in the United States over 30 years ago but Korea has quickly caught up to become one of the biggest home shopping markets in the world.
A flip of the channels offers everything from food, cosmetics, household appliances and even insurance.
And now companies are taking their wares and networks overseas.
To tell us all about Korea's thriving TV shopping industry,we have our Ji Myung-kil joining us tonight.
Good evening.

Myung-kil, so how did this industry get so big here in Korea?

Well, there are three main points.
First, Korea has an excellent logistics and parcel delivery service.
Second, Korea is one of the most wired countries in the world,.. with most people having access to cable TVs, the internet and smartphones.
And lastly, TV home shopping channels know how to select the right products for consumers: from the cheap to the super expensive.
Let's hear Koreans' thoughts about TV shopping.

"TV home shopping channels provide good quality products at fair prices.
I've bought things like cosmetics and underwear in the past. I was initially worried since I wasn't able to see the product myself and I was skeptical about after-sales service but I've been very happy and had no problems."

"Since I workI really don't have time to watch TV. So I usually do mobile shopping.
TV home shopping networks also provide mobile services, so I buy things like diapers, powdered milk and baby products via my smartphone. There are also more promotions and discounts."
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