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It's finally Friday and of course we are here with our Michelle Kim, who brings us some fun arts and culture events we can enjoy this weekend.

Hello Michelle

[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young

So what do you have for us today[Reporter : ] Although singer-actor Rain has been out of the public eye for a while because he's currently serving in the military, fans can see him again in a new film featuring him and other A-list actors like Yoo Joon-sang and Shin Se-kyung. The film, "R2B: Return to Base," opened in Korea on Wednesday and is already attracting audiences. Here are the details.

It's fitting that Rain's last film before he went to fulfill his mandatory military service is Korea's first film about fighter planes.
The film, "R2B: Return to Base," centers around Tae-hoon, a talented pilot and a troublemaker, who is transferred out of his elite unit when he performs a dangerous maneuver during an air show.
In his new unit, the 21st Fighter Wing, Tae-hoon finds friendship with his commander Dae-seo and a rivalry with Cheol-hee, the unit's top gun.
He also finds love, as his relationship with a strict aircraft mechanic named Se-young develops from one of conflict to one of camaraderie.
Everyone in the unit must work together when they are called to defend against a North Korean aircraft detected in South Korean airspace.

[Interview : Jung Ji-hoon, Actor] "I regained a sense of pride and respect for our country's air force pilots while I was filming this movie."

The film, which features some fancy, high-altitude flights, got some help from the Korean Air Force and a Hollywood production crew.
The fim's stars underwent a rigorous training regimen to prepare themselves to look and act like combat pilots.

[Interview : Yoo Joon-sang, Actor] "All of the actors and actress put so much effort and heart into filming this movie and I hope it shows on screen. I also hope that audiences enjoy Korea's first attempt at a flight action film."

The film hopes to break new ground both in the air and at the box office.
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