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Art and Culture1 Updated: 2012-04-10 00:00:00 KST

It's the elections tomorrow and some of you may get a day off of work, and some of you if you're like me… may have to use your lunch break to get to the polls to cast your vote. Well our Michelle Kim has brought us some of the things we can do after we head to the polls.
Hello Michelle.

[Reporter : Michelle Kim] Hello Conn-young

What do you have for us today[Reporter : ] Well it's election tomorrow and the country needs as many Korean citizens as possible to vote. In order to get the younger age group to gain more interest in the political scene, musicians have devised a new way to encourage people to vote.

Although the candidates are using every possible on and offline method they can to attract voters of all ages, many Koreans are still uninterested and indifferent about voting.

Instead of dull campaigns and boring slogans, music concerts have taken over to encourage young citizens to vote.

It may seem like any other concert, where rhythmical and cheerful music are playing as the audience are dancing and having fun. However, the purpose for the concert is not just to listen and appreciate the music. It's to encourage people to vote in Wednesday's elections.

[Interview : Kim C, singer] "The first step on changing the harsh reality is to vote."

The concert tries to tell the younger age group that life struggles, including employment, can be solved by voting.

Citizens are able to see their favorite bands perform and also think about why they should be heading to the voting polls.

Park Han-suh, Suwon resident
[Interview : Park Han-suh, Suwon resident] "Since these concerts are held on an open space like a festival, it's very easy to participate and its also a valuable experience."

On the big day itself, Hongdae will be hosting Indie band concerts to encourage voting, as well as to release all the stress from work and school.

If you can bring paperwork or a photo that proves you have voted, you can also get a discount.

This flexible attitude on how voting can be something that people can celebrate has made this event possible.
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