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K-celebrities now2 Updated: 2012-02-02 00:00:00 KST

On January 28th, Arirang Today headed to Konjiam Resort in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province.

Everyone is enjoying the snow, heedless of the cold.

It looks like so much fun!

But wait, what's going on here

It turns out that Konjiam Resort has been hosting a series of concerts dubbed “Farmfest," which feature well-known stars.

The Farmfest series kicked off on January 7th with IU, Huh Gak, and A-pink!

The January 14th Farmfest featured newlywed singer Kim Tae-woo and boy band MBLAQ.

Today is the third Farmfest concert! Who are the featured stars[Interview : ] "Kim Jang-hoon!"

[Interview : ] "
Please welcome Kim Jang-hoon to the stage!

The first star is Kim Jang-hoon!

Kim Jang-hoon is well-known for his fun concert style, and today is no exception.

[Interview : ] "I'm hearing a lot of requests like "The Opera," “If You Were Like Me," and "When We Live." So the next song will just be whatever I feel like singing."

He wraps up his performance with "If You Were Like Me."

The next performance is by idol group Beast.

They give an excellent performance despite the cold.

All the girls in the crowd go wild.

Do you hear that[Interview : ] "Hello, we're Beast. Thank you so much for coming out and cheering for us even in this cold. It's really cold, isn't it[Interview : ] "Yes!"

[Interview : ] "You're supposed to say no. Let's get started with our next song."

Beast conclude their performance with their hit "Fiction."

We’ll see you next week with more warm news!

The third Farmfest, featuring Kim Jang-hoon and Beast, ended in a huge success!

Join us next week for news of another exciting celebrity event!
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