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The Secret of the QR Code Updated: 2011-10-19 00:00:00 KST

Nowadays, on the streets, there are strange squares that catch the eye from time to time. They are printed on every advertisement and product. These squares are called QR codes, but what exactly are they [Interview : ] "QR code[Interview : ] "I don't use it often."

[Interview : ] "I have never used a QR code before. I have only heard about it."

QR codes are 2-dimensional so they can be scanned faster. They can also hold a larger amount of information.

The conventional barcode can hold only 20 characters, but the QR code can hold 1700 Korean characters, and anyone can use them for free.

In other words, QR codes can hold infinite amounts of information.

There are a lot of companies who are starting to use QR codes in their marketing strategies. This one company in Seoul makes everything from personal business cards and advertisements, to events.

[Interview : Jeong Jae-suk, Deputy head
] "All the information that is needed can be contained inside the square of the QR code. Using a smartphone, one can download a free application that reads the QR code. Users can receive any information that is in there from anywhere. The advantage of the QR code is that it can connect the offline and online worlds."

How are personalized QR codes made[Interview : Jeong Jae-suk, Deputy head
Mediopia] "If you scan the QR code business card with a smartphone, the phone number is immediately connected, and if you click on the map, you can see the location all at once."

Lately, large portal sites offer the option of making one's own QR code for free. So we followed the instructions, and in no time a QR code was made for Arirang TV.

QR codes are a means to get connected with the online world in a speedy manner.

One place where QR codes are widely used is the bookstore. If there is a book that you like, you can scan the QR code and purchase it on the spot.

QR codes are now featured on all kinds of magazines and books.

The popularity of QR codes is best seen at the children's books corner. What is the purpose of the QR codes on these fairy tale books[Interview : PD] "What are you doing now[Interview : ] "I am reading a fairy tale book."

As soon as the QR code on the book is scanned by the smartphone, it begins to read the book out loud.

[Interview : ] "The player who farts the loudest is the winner."

In a time where both parents work, children books with QR codes are becoming a favorite!

[Interview : Jang In-jeong, Homemaker] "QR code fairy tale books are good because you can let children listen to them even when we go out. The children like smartphones and this makes them focus more on listening to the fairy tales."

Children are good with smartphones and thanks to the QR code books, many children are starting to experience the joys of reading.

Readers can receive other benefits through the QR code.

This is jazz artist Yun Hui-jeong[윤희정]'s essay collection.

In this essay collection, there are QR codes in every section. Readers can watch videos of concerts and more just by scanning each code with a smartphone.

[Interview : Kim Hye-jeong, Seoul resident] "This is the first time I have used a QR code, and it is really amazing."

At a studio in Seoul, we met with movie director Kim Yeong-geun[김영근] not too long ago.

The first independent QR Code Film Festival was held in Korea and other countries simultaneously. QR codes are a means to get to know works of art in a faster and easier manner.

[Interview : Kim Yeong-geun, Organizer
QR Code Film Festival
] "There are many fine short movies and animated features out there, but there are not a lot of opportunities to come across them. While looking for a medium that could help more people find these works, I decided to plan the QR Code Film Festival."

At the QR code film festival, a total of 16 movies were screened.

Without any restriction, any movie can be seen instantly just by scanning the respective QR code. Any place, be it indoor or outdoor, becomes a theater.

[Interview : Kim Yeong-geun, Organizer
QR Code Film Festival
] "Through the QR code, a bridge has been made between the public and various works of art from different genres. It could be a music concert or even an art exhibition. I believe that you can put all kinds of contents in QR codes."

The QR code bends the boundaries for the amount of information it can hold. The various appeals of the QR code will make it more popular in our everyday lives.


One QR code innovation I found handy was scanning my spot in a parking lot of a huge convention center in Seoul.
And when I needed to find my car again, a GPS led me to it on my smartphone so I didn't have to memorize what floor or section my car was in.
I still think people are getting used to the various uses of QR codes.
Bar codes are pretty one dimensional.
I'd like to see something like
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