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Brazilian Producers in Korea to Film Documentary on Korean Animation Updated: 2011-07-27 00:00:00 KST

TV producers from Brazil recenly visited Korea for three weeks to film a documentary on Korean animation and the Korean Wave.

[Interview : Rodrigo Febronio, Executive Producer
Abaquar Cultural Production] "In the beginning of January, we received, I have a TV show in Brazil, and we received a group of Koreans that produce comics and the agency called Creek and River, and they talk about Korean comics and how the Korean government support them to come to Brazil. So I have the idea to create a project to talk about Korean comics."

They met with Korean illustrators at their studios and also at a recent international animation festival held in Seoul, where they interviewed popular illustrator Ju Ho-min about his work "신과 함께."
Surprised at the wide readership of comics published through web sites, they also attempted to look at other Korean cultural experiences, as a way to better understand the source of imagination for animation.
One of their destinations was hit non-verbal performance show Nanta.
There they carefully filmed the stage and enthusiastic audience, and also interviewed one of the main actors.
They also visited Korean fashion designer Lie Sang-bong, who has been earning acclaim for incorporating Korean traditional culture to his art.
Lie welcomed the producer team and shared his view on the Korean Wave.

[Interview : Lie Sang-bong, Fashion Designer] "K-pop and Korean movies are spreading beyond Asia now. But this trend could change at any minute. So we need to think about the ways that the Korean Wave can continue and turn it into a more advanced culture. Our last task is to incorporate our traditional culture into contemporary K-pop culture."

Yoo-na, a Korean Brazilian journalist who helped coordinate the project, hopes the documentary creates an exchange of culture.

[Interview : Kim Yoo-na, Journalist] "Brazil does not know much about Korea, and Korea does not know a lot about Brazil, either. Through this work, I hope Brazilians come to know Korea better."

[Interview : Rodrigo Febronio, Executive Producer
Abaquar Cultural Production] "I hope we can show how interesting Korea is, and I hope Korea is more interested in Brazil, too, so that we can exchange things."

The documentary is slated to be broadcast in Brazil early next year.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.
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