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Korean Version of Moses' Red Sea Miracle Updated: 2010-04-01 00:00:00 KST

Every year, around this time Jindo Island, in Korea's South Jeolla Province, becomes a popular destination for many curious minds both young and old.

[Interview : Park Soon-ye, Visitor] "We heard that a seaway opens here at Jindo Island, so we came to check it out and enjoy the festival. It's incredible!"

As sunset nears the sea begins to divide, revealing a 2.8-kilometer long pathway in the water.
Hoards of people line up to walk the newly formed seaway amazed by the unbelievable scene unfolding before their eyes.

[Interview : Shin Jong-in, Visitor] "I've always wanted to come here at least once. It's so great to see such a magnificent scene with my husband. I'd like to bring my kids here next year."

During the one-hour period that the path is completely exposed visitors enjoy various activities.
And those not afraid to get some mud on themselves catch clams and octopi along the trail.

[Interview : Kumiyo Makino, Visitor] "I was so moved by witnessing such a miraculous phenomenon. It's a little unfortunate that I couldn't catch clams. I hope I get a chance one day."

The sea between Jindo and nearby Modo Islet parts for about an hour twice a year once around this time and again in the middle of July, leaving a walkable path which many refer to as the Korean version of Moses' Miracle.
The 'Jindo Seaway Festival' which marks its 33rd year of celebration in 2010 runs until the first day of April.
Moon Conn-young, Arirang News.
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