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Welcome back.
South Korea's daily COVID-19 tally has been hovering above the 100-thousand mark amid this latest rebound in infections and today we revisit efforts to address the pandemic with a panel of health experts.
I have Professor Jung Ki-suck from Hallym University who is also heading the National Infectious Diseases Consulting Committee.
Professor Jung welcome back.
I also have Professor Howard Lee from Seoul National University.
Professor Lee again it's a pleasure.

1) Professor Jung health authorities have spoken about keeping their strategy focused on addressing critical cases to prevent fatalities.
What are your thoughts on their efforts thus far?

2) Professor Lee staying with the government's COVID-19 strategy approval has been granted for a new COVID-19 drug called "EVUSHELD".
Could you tell us a bit about this preventive medication?

3) And Professor Jung on the topic of medication do we have an adequate supply of COVID-19 treatment amid the latest surge in transmissions?
And regarding the treatment Paxlovid has South Korea witnessed "rebound" cases following this particular regimen?

4) Professor Lee prior to this latest wave of COVID-19 there was much talk about Omicron-targeted vaccines being available soon.
What is the latest with regard to these Omicron-tailored preventive efforts?

5-1) Meanwhile Professor Jung reinfection appears rampant amid the resurgence of COVID-19.
That being said how common is reinfection here in the country?

6-1) Professor Lee where does South Korea stand in terms of developing a treatment option against COVID-19?

7) Professor Jung when do you predict will South Korea's present wave peak?

8) Professor Lee the academic arena is opening its doors this month.
What do you propose to ensure safety at schools?

9) Professor Jung speaking to the local media you claimed an endemic phase of COVID-19 will be possible if we better protect the vulnerable groups.
Do you care to elaborate?

10) Finally Professor Lee the recent record rainfall here in the Greater Seoul area has triggered fresh concerns about wet weather diseases so to speak.
Could you tell us a bit more about them and ways to stay safe?

All right.
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