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Risk of electric shock during torrential rain, flooding Updated: 2022-08-10 17:06:01 KST

Some of the deaths from the floods in the capital region were due to people getting electrocuted.
Experts say it's crucial for people to evacuate from potentially dangerous areas as soon as possible as it is difficult to know whether a place is vulnerable to electric shocks during torrential rain.
Shin Ha-young reports.

The roads are damaged by heavy rain and utility poles are under water.
The rain caused some deaths from electric shock.
A man in his 60s died of electric shock on Tuesday while cleaning up communication lines and roadside trees that had fallen amid the downpours.
When the rain pours down it is important to stay away from objects that could cause electric shocks such as utility poles, street lights, electricity wires, and electronic sign boards on streets.
If you see any fallen street lights, make sure to evacuate from the area and call 119 or the Korea Electrical Safety Corporation.
In flooded homes, people should evacuate the building before the water reaches knee height.
If the water level reaches 40cm, people should immediately make an emergency call for help.
However, if there is enough time, make sure to check the earth leakage circuit breaker.

"If possible, it is important to shut down the transformer and cut off electricity in advance, which is helpful later when rescuing people."

If there is not enough time to do this, the most important thing is to get out of high-risk places as soon as possible.
Shin Ha-young, Arirang News
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