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PPP officially lays out foundations to switching to emergency leadership at standing nat'l committee Updated: 2022-08-05 16:50:06 KST

South Korea's ruling People Power Party today once again declared a "party emergency" this time, at a standing national committee meeting.
This paves the way for the PPP to launch an emergency leadership system once final approval is given next Tuesday.
That would mean the currently suspended Chairman Lee Jun-seok automatically loses his post.
Lee Kyung-eun has the latest.

South Korea's ruling People Power Party has now officially laid the foundations to switch to an emergency leadership system.
The party convened a standing national committee meeting on Friday to discuss whether its current leadership vacuum that was sparked by the suspension of its party chair Lee Jun-seok is considered a "party emergency" the key requirement to launch such a system.

"I ask you to decide whether the current acting chair system resulting from the chairman's suspension and the resignations of Supreme Council members that makes in virtually unable to function is deemed an "emergency."

Though not strictly falling in line with party rules more than the majority of the members in attendance voted in favor.
The decision follows previous decisions by the central leadership which expressed concern over the crisis amid declining party and the President approval ratings.

"We are very concerned our internal issues broke out when we are supposed to be backing the government in its early days."

Next, the committee revised party rules to enable an acting chair to appoint an emergency leadership not only in the event of a vacancy but also a suspension.
So, floor leader and acting chair Kweon Seong-dong will be appointing the interim leader instead of the suspended Chairman Lee.
Once the interim leadership is launched, Chairman Lee will automatically lose his post.
Two members proposed their joint revisions to preserve his post but failed to gain majority support. Finally, the committee approved holding the National Committee meeting next Tuesday where some 1-thousand members will vote on the revised party rule and the appointment of the interim leader.

"Once approved, the emergency leadership could take office by mid-August at the latest.
But it remains to be seen whether they could get off to a smooth start as that could depend on how Chairman Lee Jun-seok and his allies respond to the decision.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News."
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