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On-Point: S. Korea's envoy for North Korean human rights begins term Updated: 2022-08-02 05:35:47 KST

It's time for ON-Point, where we speak to experts to delve deeper into some of the key issues in the spotlight right now.
Continuing on from our story on North Korea's nuclear activities on another front, countries are trying to pressure the North to guarantee basic rights for its people.
Now, many may not know this, but one of the biggest differentiating factors between conservative and liberal governments in South Korea is the two sides' approach to North Korea.
One tangible piece of evidence to support this is the fact that last week, the conservative Yoon government, appointed a new envoy for North Korean human rights.
This post had been vacant for the five years of former President Moon Jae-in's liberal administration.
So before we get any further, we have none other than newly appointed envoy, Lee Shin-wha who's also a political science professor at Korea University with us today to discuss her new role further.
Good morning.
1. First, could you explain to us what your job entails as many may not know what authority you have as South Korea's envoy for North Korean human rights?
2. Let's get deeper into your perspective as you take on this role. Do you think there needs to be a harsher stance taken on the Kim Jong-un regime especially when it comes to protecting the rights of North Koreans?
3. While I'm sure there are a number of violations that need to be looked at, but have you identified any specific area of human rights infringements in the North that you wish to tackle as a priority?
4. Lastly, did you speak to any former colleagues in the United Nations or other overseas scholars about taking up the role? What's the sentiment from the international community that this position is now filled after a five-year vacancy?

Thank you so much for your time. Good luck with everything. Hope to speak to you again soon.
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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