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BRUTAL HEAT WAVE IN EUROPE, U.K. Updated: 2022-07-29 07:36:25 KST

Welcome back.
Europe continues to battle record mercury levels that are disrupting lives and destroying forests.
For more on the situation there I have David Cox live on the line.
David it's been a while.
Welcome back.

1) David the U.K. last Tuesday posted its highest temperature on record breaking past 40 degrees Celsius.
Let's start with this national emergency and its related repercussions.

2) David here in South Korea air conditioners installed at homes are as common as beds and blankets.
I believe this is not the case there in London and if so how are ordinary people bearing the brutal temperatures?

3) David according to local media there an "unexpected victim" of the recent ruthless heat wave was the infrastructure of the internet in the U.K.
Do you care to elaborate?

4) Beyond the U.K. David could you share with us a bit about the plight of people in other parts of Europe?

5) David some pundits say in 5 decades time our summers may be close to 5 degrees Celsius HOTTER.
What is being discussed on the national or perhaps regional level regarding this petrifying prospect in light of climate change?

6) On a light note David I hear a British cinema chain offered redheads free tickets to the screens last week.
Could you tell us a bit about this event and the reason behind it?

7) And David before you go do tell us a bit about current efforts by U.K. authorities to better respond to this unprecedented heat wave?

All right David thank you for making the time to join us live with the latest regarding the heat wave in the U.K.
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