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Kim Jong-un warns of 'eliminating' Yoon's gov't and military in case of preemptive attack Updated: 2022-07-29 06:23:08 KST

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North Korea's Kim Jong-un says his country is prepared to destroy the Yoon Suk-yeol administration in the event of a preemptive strike.
Lee Kyung-run has more on Kim's remarks.

The first-ever warning from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol came on Wednesday, the anniversary of the Korean War armistice agreement.
According to North's state media Kim targeted the Yoon government and what he calls "military gangsters" saying that any attempt at preemptively attacking the North will be "immediately punished."
And that Yoon's government and his army will be "eliminated."

"There seems to be a growing mistrust felt by the regime since the time of the election period when President Yoon repeatedly spoke about preemptive strikes and called the North the "main enemy."

Another expert says it is seen as Pyeongyang officially declaring a "hostile" policy on the South after monitoring Seoul's movements since the Yoon government kicked off in May.
But many come to agree that the warning is being raised to a very high level.
Especially considering that the leader called President Yoon by his name in a rather disrespectful manner compared to the past when he used to call South Korean president "ruler" or by other titles.
The presidential office expressed deep regret over the speech.

"The presidential office expresses deep regret over the threatening remarks made to our government while also calling the President by his name."

The spokesperson added that Seoul is maintaining its defense posture and will protect its people through the strong alliance with the U.S.

But that very alliance is also what Kim Jong-un denounced during the speech.
While South Korea and the U.S.' joint drills is set for late August Kim accused Washington of double standards over its military activities.
The leader added that he's ready to fight the U.S., citing nuclear detterance.
Observers largely see Kim Jong-un's latest speech as something that will fuel tensions between the two Koreas as the North is preparing for its first nuclear test since 2017.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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