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Fields Medal winner June Huh underlines importance of pressure-free research atmosphere Updated: 2022-07-07 09:30:09 KST

JUNE HUH the Korean-American mathematician who was awarded the 2022 FIELDS MEDAL the highest honor in the discipline TOOK TIME ONLINE to speak with members of the press here in Seoul from HELSINKI.
Shin SE-BYUCK has more on his remarks.

For the first time in history, a mathematician of Korean descent has received the prestigious Fields Medal.
After being born in the U.S., growing up and studying in Korea, 39-year-old June Huh was named as one of the four recipients of the 2022 Fields Medal that's often called the Nobel Prize in mathematics.
The award goes to mathematicians under the age of 40 who have made significant contributions to the field.
Huh was honored for his studies in the field of combinatorial algebraic geometry and successfully proving Rota's conjecture and Read's conjecture.
His work relates to an area of math that figures out the number of ways things can be shuffled and can be applied in many areas including semiconductor design and machine learning.

A video conference was held in Seoul on Wednesday where Huh detailed the story of his life leading up to receiving the Fields award.

"I only spend four hours a day doing research. The rest, I spend time with my family taking care of my kids,.. doing household chores That's how I refresh myself. And then the next day, the same again."

Noting there are a lot of promising mathematicians in South Korea, Huh said it's important to create an environment which is conducive to research on the science of abstract objects that rely on logic rather than on observation as a standard of truth.
"I hope there will be an atmosphere where they can relax and stably pursue long-term projects instead of feeling pressure to come up with findings in the short term"

June Huh is slated to arrive in Korea this Friday and will stay at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study for the rest of the summer.

Shin Se-byuck, Arirang news.
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