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G7 SUMMIT SEEKING UNITED FRONT Updated: 2022-06-27 09:02:22 KST

Welcome back.
ON VIEW POINT today we touch upon the ongoing GROUP of SEVEN summit in Germany against the backdrop of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its aggravation of economic challenges worldwide as well as calls for CONCRETE climate commitment.
For more I have Professor Robert Kelly at Pusan National University.
Professor Kelly welcome back.
I also have Doctor Miriam PRYS-HANSEN at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies.
Doctor PRYS-HANSEN it's a pleasure to have you with us.

1) Professor Kelly let's start off with a few words on the significance of summits like the G7 in Germany amid the host of current global challenges.

2) Doctor Prys-Hansen thousands took to the streets in Munich this past weekend demanding less talk and more action by the G7 on climate change.
Do you expect any tangible advances on this front (climate change) during the latest G7 gathering?

3) Professor Kelly some pundits say the G7 summit may provide German Chancellor OLAF SCHOLZ a chance to capitalize on playing host by adopting a more ASSERTIVE leadership regarding the crisis in Ukraine.
What are your thoughts?

4) Doctor Prys-Hansen a few observers especially in Germany France and Italy have raised the option of ENDING Russia's invasion of Ukraine with the latter SURRENDERING some territory to the former.
In response countries like the U.K. Poland Estonia Latvia and Lithuania have rejected this option CLAIMING it will ONLY lead to FURTHER Russian aggression in the future.
Where do you stand on this debate?

5-1) Meanwhile Professor Kelly a recent CROSS-Europe OPINION POLL shows quite a number of people believe tackling the cost-of-living crisis needs to take priority over efforts to punish Russia.
How does this public sentiment in Europe look to affect its leaders' commitment to supporting Ukraine in the long run?

5-2) And briefly speaking Doctor Prys-Hansen what can you share with us about the German public's sentiment with regard to the government's ongoing support of Ukraine against Russia?

6) Doctor Prys-Hansen just ahead of the G7 summit leaders of the five major emerging economies Brazil Russia India China and South Africa gathered virtually for the 2022 BRICS summit chaired by Beijing last week.
A key agenda was the possible expansion of this gathering to include more members.
Which countries are on the list and how does this expansion look to affect international order so to speak?

7) Professor Kelly the G7 summit this year has invited Senegal Argentina Indonesia India and South Africa the last two guests of course are members of BRICS.
What can you tell us about this year's list of invitees and perhaps the G7's intentions?

8) Doctor Prys-Hansen aside from the conflict in Ukraine and climate change G7 leaders are also looking to carefully craft global economic responses as the United Nations has warned of an "unprecedented global hunger crisis".
Now some believe the problem has LITTLE to do with PRODUCTION and MORE with the DISTRIBUTION of food.
That being said what efforts might serve to ease global hunger?

9) Professor Kelly Ukraine and Moldova were recently granted EU CANDIDATE STATUS.
Now Russian President Vladimir Putin has insisted that he has "nothing against" Ukraine joining the EU but Kremlin claims it will give the application "increased attention" because the EU is considering its own defense force.
Does this status look to affect tensions between KYIV and Moscow?

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