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LATEST GLOBAL HEALTH CONCERNS Updated: 2022-06-23 09:02:28 KST

Welcome back.
ON VIEW POINT today we address global health concerns ranging from MONKEYPOX to COVID-19.
For more I have Professor Yoo Byung-wook from Soon Chun Hyang University.
Professor Yoo it's good to have you here.
I also have Professor Peter CHIN-HONG at the University of California San Francisco LIVE on the LINE.
Professor CHIN-HONG it's been a while.
Welcome back.

1) Professor YOO South Korea has confirmed its first case of MONKEYPOX in a South Korean man who returned from Germany this past Tuesday.
How are authorities here preparing for a possible BROADER outbreak?

2) Professor Chin-Hong what can you share with us about the MONKEYPOX situation over in the U.S.?

3) Professor YOO on the pandemic front authorities here have decided to maintain the 7-day quarantine for COVID-19 patients.
What are your thoughts regarding this decision?

4) Professor Chin-Hong what is the quarantine requirement for COVID-19 patients in the U.S.?

5) Professor YOO some claim public protection against COVID-19 here in South Korea will disappear by this autumn.
Do you agree and if so what do you propose?

6) Professor Chin-Hong staying with vaccinations toddlers as young as six months old are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S.
Do you believe this inoculation campaign is necessary as we seek a new normal amid the pandemic?

7) Professor YOO what are your thoughts on the need for vaccination among toddlers?

8) Professor Chin-Hong it has been said that COVID-19 cases in the U.S have plateaued with some 100-thousand daily infections.
What may be the reason behind this reality?

9) Moving forward Professor YOO reports say the flu season in the Southern Hemisphere appears to be longer and more severe.
How do you explain these reports?

10) Professor Chin-Hong seasonal influenza infections in both Australia and South Africa have been increasing.
What are your thoughts on these findings?

11) Professor YOO do you foresee a similar scenario here in the Northern Hemisphere this winter?

12) Professor Chin-Hong what do you recommend to ensure public health as we face a potential twindemic later this year then?

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