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JUNE 20th marks World Refugee Day a day designated by the United Nations to "honor refugees" AND "their RESILIENCE in REBUILDING their lives".
Accordingly in today's segment of VIEW POINT we shed light on the plight of SOME 7-MILLION Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their homes in Ukraine for safety elsewhere.
I have Director Lee Han-koo from the Korea National Red Cross.
Director Lee it's a pleasure to have you here.
I also have Professor Choi Won-geun from Kyung Hee University.
Professor Choi it's good to have you here.

1) Director Lee I understand back in April you were at a refugee center in Romania.
Let's begin with the purpose of that trip and your observations there.
(ISACCEA border)

2) Professor Choi before Russia's invasion Ukraine was home to between 20-thousand and 40-thousand ethnic Koreans.
Now some of them also known as Koryoin have sought shelter here in the country.
Do tell us a bit about them.

3) And Director Lee in total SOME 7-MILLION Ukrainians are believed to have left their homeland thus far.
What more can you tell us about them?

4) Professor Choi what efforts are being made by the South Korean government to better aid Korean-Ukrainians seeking refugee here in the country?
((Streamlining visa applications, etc))

5) Director Lee going back to the refugee center in Romania.
How is the center being operated and what role is the Korean Red Cross playing to support Ukrainian refugees there?

6) Professor Choi it's been a decade since South Korea passed the Refugee Act and nine years since its implementation.
That being said how far have we come in terms of offering refugees the chance to rebuild their lives here?

7) Director Lee perhaps the most vulnerable refugees are the children who have been deprived of their basic right to learn and play eat and grow.
What more do you suppose needs to be done to protect the young?

8) Meanwhile Professor Choi last year there was a bit of controversy over revisions to the Refugee Act proposed by the Justice Ministry.
Could you explain this for us?

9) Director Lee do tell us a bit about the long-term plans by the Korean Red Cross to help Ukraine and its people?

10) Professor Choi what do you propose to better prevent the potential abuse of the Refugee Act to ensure that help is being extended to those who truly need them?

11) Director Lee are there ways in which ordinary Koreans could partake in efforts to help their Ukrainian counterparts through the Korean Red Cross?

12) Professor Choi what do you suggest to raise greater public awareness here in the country about the plight of refugees and the need to assist them?

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