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World News: Spain hit by earliest heatwave in over 40 years Updated: 2022-06-14 10:07:17 KST

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An early heatwave has hit Spain as temperatures soar to highs far above normal for this time of year.
On Monday, the mercury rose above 40 degrees Celsius in the center and south of the country, with some areas even seeing highs of 43 degrees.
It's also the earliest heat wave the country has seen in 43 years.
These unusual June temperatures come after Spain had its hottest May in more than 100 years.
According to the Spanish Meteorological Agency, the extreme temperatures could last all week.
The south of France is also predicted to see a heatwave from Tuesday, which could make the ongoing drought there even worse.

In more climate-related news, a lake in central Chile has dried up and become a desert in the latest sign of climate change.
The Penuelas reservoir in central Chile, used to be the primary source of water for the city of Valparaiso up until twenty years ago.
It used to contain enough water to fill 38-thousand Olympic-sized swimming pools, but it now only has enough to fill two pools.
The desertification comes amid a thirteen-year drought.
Higher than average temperatures have melted snow in the Andes mountains, turning it into vapor and reducing meltwater.
The drought has also affected mining operations as tensions over water use grow.

UK judges have dismissed attempts by campaigners to stop the country from sending its first flight of refugees to Rwanda.
The ruling, which upholds an original decision by the court to send the asylum seekers to the East African nation, was made on Monday, and will see the flight depart on Tuesday.
The plan to send asylum seekers to a third country has been described by the UN's refugee chief as "catastrophic" and has even drawn condemnation from Prince Charles as well as various human rights groups.
Eight people are scheduled to be removed on the first flight, while three others will have hearings at the High Court on Tuesday morning local time.

Meanwhile on the Greek island of Astypalea, a week long freerunning contest wrapped up on Sunday.
Called the "Red Bull Art of Motion", the contest started on June 5th with 16 of the world's best athletes competing.
Similar to parkour, freerunning is the art of moving in urban spaces, and combines flips, spins, drops, and gap jumps.
The event is made up of three separate competition days, where freerunners filmed their most daring, technically difficult and scary stunts.
This year's contest involved three categories, the Live, Spot, and Exploration challenges, each requiring a different set of skills.
In a tight points race, the UK's Travis Verkaik was named winner,.. ahead of fellow Briton Ed Scott.

In China's Hengdaohezi Siberian Tiger Park, a 17-year-old Siberian tiger has given birth to three female tiger cubs and one male.
The Siberian Tiger Park is the world's largest breeding center for the species, with more than a thousand tigers.
It started with just 20 tigers in 1986 and has seen 23 tiger cubs born in just a few weeks since the start of May.
Caretakers will now have their hands full, as they work around the clock to ensure the cubs are not abandoned and are properly fed.
Siberian tigers are highly endangered with less than 1-thousand left in the wild.

Matthew Ashley, Arirang News
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