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[NEWS IN-DEPTH] N. Korea's latest missile launches prompt allied show of force, condemnation Updated: 2022-05-25 17:07:28 KST

Now that North Korea has conducted its 17th provocation so far this year, South Korea and the United States are going to push for more sanctions.
But what's behind the North's choice to launch three missiles, including an ICBM, and at this particular time?
There's a new leader in South Korea, so how is the new government going to deal with actions like these?
We just wrapped up several days of high-level diplomacy in Northeast Asia, so for an in-depth look at the situation, we are pleased to welcome to the program tonight from the Asian Institute of Policy Studies, Dr. Go Myong-hyun, here with me in the studio.
And Jean Lee, Journalist and Senior Fellow at the Wilson Center.
She joins us from Washington via Zoom.

1) (GO) Today's missile launch why three missiles? What kinds?

2) (LEE) What is the significance of the launch? Timing?

3) (GO) South Korea's response how unusual is it that South Korea and the U.S. launched their own missiles?

4) (LEE) South Korea's response What does this tell us about Yoon's policy as a conservative leader? Extended deterrence.

5) (GO) President Yoon said in his CNN interview that dialogue is now up to the North. Is the North interested in talks?

6) (LEE) International response will there be action from the Security Council? Action has not been forthcoming lately. How are the Quad countries approaching North Korea?

7) (GO) Nuclear test South Korea says the North is ready. Why? Will this finally prompt action by China and Russia?

8) (LEE) How would the world respond to a seventh nuclear test?
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