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PROSPECTS FOR S.KOREA AMID IPEF Updated: 2022-05-25 09:28:30 KST

Welcome back.
It's time for VIEW POINT now and today we assess the potential prospects of the recently launched INDO-PACIFIC Economic Framework for South Korea.
For more I have Professor Yang Hee-dong from Ewha Womans Univeristy.
Professor Yang welcome back.
I also have Professor RENEE BOWEN at the University of California San Diego LIVE on the LINE.
It's a pleasure to have you with us Professor BOWEN.

1) Professor Yang let's start with a bit of information about this new regional trade framework.
((Boost trade strengthen supply chains promote clean energy & fight corruption))

2) Professor Bowen does this U.S.-led initiative have DOMESTIC SUPPORT there in the U.S.?

3) Professor Yang how does this Indo-Pacific trade deal DIFFER FROM the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership?

4) Professor Bowen China has condemned the Indo-Pacific strategy claiming that it is "doomed to fail".
What are your thoughts with regard to this regional strategy?

5) Professor Yang this regional framework does NOT offer incentives to partners by lowering tariffs or by providing greater access to U.S. markets.
That being said what does Korea look to gain through this trade pact?

6) Moving forward Professor Bowen Mr Biden has highlighted the importance of fighting inflation which in the U.S. is running at a 40-year high.
Do you believe the Federal Reserve's AGGRESSIVE monetary policy STANCE will pave the path to a recession?

7) Staying with inflation Professor Yang Bank of Korea Governor RHEE Chang-yong will preside over his first policy meeting Thursday.
What are your prospects?

8) Professor Bowen IF rate hikes are NOT the answer to tackling inflation what may be some other tangible alternatives?

9) Professor Yang in the joint statement following their summit Presidents Yoon and Biden agreed on close consultations to ensure stability within the foreign exchange market.
What are the IMPLICATIONS of this agreement?

10)Professor Bowen we are currently facing a commodity crisis a supply chain crisis COVID-19 and war in Ukraine. That being said.. is the world headed towards a recession?

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