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World News: UK inflation surges to 40-year high of 9%, as food and energy prices spiral Updated: 2022-05-19 10:19:57 KST

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Official figures released on Wednesday, show that U.K. inflation has soared to a 40-year high of 9% in April, as food and energy prices have skyrocketed.
This comes as month-on-month consumer prices rose by 2.5-percent, while a Reuters economist poll has projected a 9.1-percent annual increase.
The rise beats the previous 8.4-percent annual rise record from 1992.
From April 1st, the U.K.'s energy regulator increased the household energy price cap by 54-percent, amid a surge in wholesale energy prices.
This, in addition to the Bank of England hiking interest rates from 0.1-percent to 1-percent.

Meanwhile in Lebanon, the country's Interior Ministry announced the results of the 2022 parliamentary elections on Tuesday.
According to figures Hezbollah and its allies lost their majority in parliament, securing only 59 seats, down from 71 in the previous elections in 2018.
65 seats are needed to secure a majority in the 128-seat assembly.
The results also highlighted unprecedented gains by 15 reformist candidates, reflecting public anger at the nation's financial and economic collapse.
The Interior ministry added that the voter turnout stood at 42-percent, down from 49-percent in the previous elections.

On Wednesday an ink drawing of a nude man, by Michelangelo sold for more than 24 million-US-dollars at an auction in Paris, according to the Christie auction house.
The sale breaks a previous record for a drawing by the artist, when "The Risen Christ" was purchased for 9.9-million-dollars.
Designated a French national treasure, the work was barred from export from France for 30 months.
However, the French government recently removed the ruling, allowing the drawing to be offered without restriction to global collectors.
The pen and brown ink sketch is titled: 'A nude man and two figures behind', and is thought to be one of Michelangelo's early works, dating to the end of the 15th century.

A robot has been trained to "taste" food at different stages of the chewing process, to check if it is salty enough .
According to researchers from Cambridge University, the robot may help in automated food preparation.
Already trained to make omelets, the robot "tasted" nine separate dishes of scrambled eggs and tomatoes.
To do this, researchers attached a probe that acts as a saltiness sensor to a robot arm, it was then able to generate taste maps of different dishes, in just a few seconds.
Researchers hope that by doing this robots will be able to experience the difference in the taste of food as it's chewed, and improve its ability to taste.

Matthew Ashley, Arirang News.
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