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[NEWS IN-DEPTH] U.S. to host global COVID-19 summit this week amid funding hold-up Updated: 2022-05-10 17:00:59 KST

This Thursday, the White House will be hosting a global summit on COVID-19.
The overall aim is to boost support globally for fighting the virus, getting people vaccinated, and so on but all of that requires money.
The U.S. will be trying to get countries to pay more, but the Biden administration itself is having a hard time getting more funding.
To find out more, and also for a closer look at the pandemic in Korea and globally, we're joined tonight by our go-to medical expert Dr. Alice Tan.
Dr. Tan this time joins us from Seattle Washington.

1) The Biden administration is convening what's being called a COVID-19 summit this Thursday. Apparently the administration is having trouble getting more funding for the fight against the pandemic. Who's taking part in this summit and what are some of its more specific goals?

2) Biden himself has said he wants wealthy countries to donate two billion dollars. He wants to get 70 percent of the world's population vaccinated within a year. What do you see as some areas that the world needs to work on regarding COVID-19?

3) Could you tell us more about one specific treatment Paxlovid? It's made by Pfizer, of course. Who is it for, how does it work, if you could put it simply?

4) Korea has enough doses of Paxlovid for hundreds of thousands of people. Pfizer's CEO said recently that if people have COVID-19 symptoms again after recovering that they can take another course of Paxlovid. The FDA, however, does not recommend this. Can you tell us more about COVID-19 reinfection, how it affects people and how people are being treated for it?

5) What's the status of the new COVID-19 variants right now? Are there one or two in particular that we should be watching? So far, I don't think we've seen new variants other than the original Omicron become a huge factor for Korea.

6) Finally, Dr. Tan, you're in the U.S. right now. Could you paint a broad picture of how you see that country dealing with COVID, and people themselves? For example, do you see a lot of caution among people when they're out, or does the pandemic now figure less prominently over there than perhaps here in Korea?
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