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World News: Marcos, poised for Philippines election triumph Updated: 2022-05-10 11:20:48 KST

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In the Philippines a winner appears to be emerging in the country's presidential election.
According to unofficial and ongoing tallies by the nation's election commission, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, looks set to take the presidency.
Tallies show the candidate is on the cusp of securing the 27-and-a-half million votes needed to win a majority.
As of the most recent count, Marcos Jr had 26.3-million votes, more than double the 12.5-million votes so far secured by Leni Robredo, the sitting vice president.
As of now, around 82 percent of eligible ballots have been counted.
Preliminary results signal a return to power for the Marcos family,. some 36 years after its ousting,. following a "people power" revolution against former president and dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.
Ruling from 1965 to 1986, the nation's previous leader imposed martial law for a nine-year-period.
It was a time that saw the arrest, torture, and killing of thousands of his opponents.

In Sri Lanka, the nation's prime minister, Mahinda Rajapaksa, resigned on Monday, to make way for a unity government to handle the country's worst economic crisis in history.
The move also came mere hours after clashes broke out in the capital Colombo, where ruling party supporters stormed an anti-government protest camp.
This despite a nationwide curfew and state of emergency that was imposed earlier by the prime minister's younger brother, Sri Lankan president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa.
Reports indicate that five people have died, including a ruling party parliamentarian, while over 190 have been injured.

Russia's ambassador to Poland was soaked in red paint on Monday, by protesters voicing their opposition to Moscow's war on Ukraine.
The incident occurred as Sergey Andreev went to lay flowers at the Soviet Military Cemetery in Warsaw, to mark the 77th anniversary of the Soviet's victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two.
The day honors the 27-million Soviets who died during the war.
However, Russia's invasion of Ukraine tainted the event, with Poland opposing any significant commemoration, in a show of support for Ukraine.
Footage uploaded to Twitter showed the protesters surrounding the Russian delegation, chanting "fascists" before Andreev was doused in paint.
He was ushered away unharmed.

Airline passenger traffic is recovering faster than anticipated from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Speaking to Reuters Monday, the Director General of the International Air Transport Association, Willie Walsh, said the steady easing of virus restrictions around the world has released pent-up demand.
He added the near-term prospects look positive, despite challenges caused by high oil prices, inflation, and workforce shortages.
Long-term, the head of the association said he believes pre-pandemic levels of traffic could return as early as 2023, spurred on by an expected high turnout for next year's summer season.

A British jet suit company is giving emergency services the ability to improve search and rescue missions in remote locations.
The suit's inventor and developer, Richard Browning conducted a test flight in northern England, and completed a 750-meter climb over 2-kilometers in just 3 minutes and 40 seconds.
Browning said that the cost of the jet pack is only a fraction of what is spent on a helicopter and crew, with paramedics now receiving lessons on how to operate the suit.
Consisting of two turbines, the 3D printed suit is able to reach speeds of 128-kilometers per-hour, and is capable of climbing to an altitude of 3,650 meters.

Matthew Ashley, Arirang News.
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