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World News: Marcos Jr. poised for Philippines presidential election triumph Updated: 2022-05-10 05:44:55 KST

For a look at news from around the world, we now turn to our Matthew Ashley standing by at the Arirang newsroom. Good morning.
Good morning.
Let's start in the Philippines. A winner appears to be emerging in the country's presidential election.
Indeed, according to unofficial and ongoing tallies by the nation's election commission, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, looks set to take the presidency.
Tallies show the candidate is on the cusp of securing the 27-and-a-half million votes to needed to win a majority.
As of the most recent count, Marcos Jr had 26.3-million votes, more than double the 12.5-million votes so far secured by Leni Robredo, the sitting vice president.
As of now, around 82 percent of eligible ballots have been counted.
Preliminary results signal a return to power for the Marcos family, some 36 years after its ousting, following a "people power" revolution against former president and dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.
Ruling from 1965 to 1986… the nation's previous leader imposed martial law for a nine-year-period.
It was a time that saw the arrest, torture, and killing of thousands of his opponents.
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