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Driver's license in your phone: Identification going smart and mobile in S. Korea Updated: 2022-01-28 08:07:02 KST

Forgot your wallet?
No worries.
People in South Korea will no longer need one to hold their plastic ID cards because IDs are set to go mobile, beginning with drivers licenses.
After a six-month trial period, people will be able to prove their identity when making transactions at the bank or purchasing certain items in stores using just their smartphones.

"It's a mobile driver's license so not only am I able to prove that I'm of legal age to buy drinks, I can also prove I'm legally qualified to rent a car and drive."

The application process is easy.
After downloading the official app, there are two ways to receive your mobile driving license.
First, replace your current license card with one that has an integrated circuit, or IC, for a small fee via the Korea Road Traffic Authority's "Safe Driving" website.
Then the mobile license is issued by simply "tapping" the IC card on the back of your smartphone before finishing the in-app application process.
Or, you can visit one of the designated driver's license examination offices to be issued with a QR code which you scan using your smartphone.
Once the app has verified your identity, the issuing process is complete.
A launching ceremony was held on Thursday at Seoul Seobu Driver's License Examination Office, where the Minister of Interior and Safety Jeon Hae-cheol explained how revolutionary the new service will be.

"The mobile driver's license has the same legal validity as the plastic ones people have now. It can therefore be used anytime, anywhere, including at public institutions, financial institutions, airports, bus terminals and train stations, and convenience stores."

One of its key features is being able to choose which personal information to provide depending on the situation, something which cannot be done with a physical ID card.

"When showing plastic ID cards, there's always the risk of exposing your address or resident registration number so mobile IDs will be very useful for those who value their private information."

South Korea plans to expand the mobile driver's license scheme in the coming months so that it can be used across the country by July.
Authorities say mobile versions of youth cards, disability and foreign registration cards and even certificates of national merit will be released next year.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.
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