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STUDIO & SKYPE SESSION Updated: 2021-10-15 10:09:15 KST

Korea's COVID-19 vaccination campaign is proceeding as planned and according to authorities 70-percent of the country's of 51.3 MILLION people will be fully inoculated in the near future PAVING the PATH to a gradual return to normality.
For more I have Professor David Kwak from Soon Chun Hyang University.
Good to have you back Professor Kwak.
I also have Doctor Kim Seung-taek from Institut Pasteur Korea.
Welcome back Doctor Kim.
Meanwhile joining this session virtually is Professor Anthony Scott from the University of Melbourne.

1) PROFESSOR Kwak what is your assessment of the PACE of Korea's VACCINE ROLLOUT despite its relatively late start when compared to its counterparts including the U.S.?

2) Doctor Kim officials have claimed a vaccination rate of 85-percent would ALLOW FOR the ABSENCE of face masks as well as restrictions on business operations EVEN amid. the PRESENCE of the Delta variant.
What are your thoughts?

3) Meanwhile Professor Scott I believe Australia and Korea launched their vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 in the same month that would be February this year with Australia's vaccine rollout starting a few weeks earlier.
What can you tell us about Australia's inoculation efforts?

4) Professor Kwak I hear this is a bit of concern here about whether ALL THOSE who received their FIRST DOSE will get their SECOND SHOT especially among those who experienced post-inoculation discomforts.
What are your thoughts?

5) Doctor Kim what can you tell us about the IMPACT of COVID-19 vaccination rates on COVID-19 fatality rates?
((65-percent of the German population is fully inoculated against COVID-19 AND YET the country's DAILY DEATH TOLL has been HOVERING at 60 over the past seven days.
56-percent of the U.S. population is fully protected AND the country has been recording some 1,400 COVID-19 fatalies over the past seven days.))

6) Professor Scott Australia's largest city SYDNEY EMERGED FROM about a 100-day lockdown this past Monday with very little restrictions for those fully inoculated.
Could you tell us more about this reality?
((I believe Canberra is exiting its lockdown this Friday WHILE MELBOURNE will reopen later this month?))

7) Professor Kwak authorities have been urging undocumented workers to seek vaccination reassuring them that their illegal status here will NOT be questioned.
What else can be done to encourage these foreign laborers to get inoculated?
((About three out of ten are reportedly fully vaccinated.))

8) Professor Scott how are authorities in Australia persuading their foreign workers to partake in the inoculation campaign?

9) Meanwhile Doctor Kim what can you share with us about people who should AVOID COVID-19 vaccination?

10) Professor Kwak the latest COVID-19 ANTI-VACCINE DISINFORMATION claims the vaccinated are a danger to the unvaccinated because of VACCINE SHEDDING.
Now I understand the correct terminology is vaccine-induced viral shedding AND it is being FALSELY and MALICIOUSLY CITED to DISCREDIT COVID-19 inoculation efforts.
Could you tell us more?

11) Now moving forward Doctor Kim what do you propose to PROTECT people who CANNOT be vaccinated from potential DISBENEFITS in the PRESENCE of VACCINE PASSES?

12) Professor Scott I believe MELBOURNE is planning to RE-OPEN later this month.
What are some potential variables to this upcoming plan?

13) And Professor Kwak what are some possible variables here on the local front as we hope to launch a phased return to normality next month?

All right
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