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World News: Shootings in Beirut kill at least 6 Updated: 2021-10-15 09:49:39 KST

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At least six people were killed and dozens injured, after shots were fired at protestors seeking the removal of a judge investigating Beirut's August 2020 port blast.
Hundreds of supporters of Iran-backed Hezbollah and its main Shia ally, Amal, were marching towards the Palace of Justice in the Lebanese capital, when shots were reportedly fired by snipers on rooftops.
According to the Lebanese Red Cross, snipers and gunmen "shot people in the head", while four B7 rockets were fired into the air.
Social media footage also showed masked gunmen, apparently affiliated with the protesters, firing RPGs and AK-47s from alleyways, as armed clashes ramped up.
The protesters were calling for the removal of a judge leading an investigation into the massive blast at Beirut's port last August, which killed over 200 people, while injuring thousands more.
A joint statement by Hezbollah and Amal, accused the right-wing Christian group, The Lebanese Forces, of being behind the sniper attacks.
The Lebanese Forces party denied the allegations.
For many citizens, the violence on Thursday was a 'deja vu' of the civil war the country experienced from 1975 to 1990.

A successful day for China's space program on Thursday, as it carried out its 37th orbital launch of the year, while successfully sending the Chinese H-alpha Solar Explorer, as well as ten other satellites into orbit.
The solar observatory will study solar activity and provide critical data for space weather forecasting, which includes observing filaments prior to eruptions of solar flares, and coronal mass ejections.
The latest mission has a design lifetime of three years, and carries the name Xihe, named after a solar deity from Chinese mythology.

Elon Musk's Tesla has made over one billion U.S. dollars in profit, on its Bitcoin investment alone, as the price of Bitcoin inches close to 58-thousand dollars.
Tesla currently holds about 43,200 Bitcoins, worth nearly 2.5 billion dollars as of Thursday.
The company bought roughly 1.5 billion dollars of Bitcoin back in February when it first added the cryptocurrency to its balance sheet.
The one billion dollar profit from its Bitcoin investment is equivalent to its income from selling over 200-thousand cars in the second quarter of this year.

Now, who would purchase a half shredded artwork for over 25 million US dollars?
You would if that artwork was the famous, self-shredding artwork "Love is in the Bin", and you have millions of dollars just lying around.
Despite the presale estimate of 5.5 million to 8.2 million dollars, the art piece sold for 25.4 million on Thursday, after a ten minute bidding war.
Three years ago, the piece was known as "Girl with Balloon", when a winning bid of 1.4 million dollars led to a hidden shredder embedded in the frame by Banksy whirring to life, leaving half the canvas hanging from the frame in strips.
And luckily for the latest winning bidder,.

"And it's still there, I can't believe it."

Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.
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