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N. Korea Vows to Build 'Invincible Military' While Slamming U.S. Updated: 2021-10-13 17:07:51 KST

North Korea put on one of its largest displays of missiles at an event at which leader Kim Jong-un said Pyeongyang couldn't trust recent U.S. calls for talks.
The show of firepower, including an apparent hypersonic missile tested for the first time last month, highlights a renewed push by Pyeongyang to test more advanced and diverse weapons to evade its rivals' defenses.

Kim Jong-un's vow to build an "invincible" military to cope with what he calls persistent U.S. hostility as South Korean president's national security advisor sits down with U.S. national security adviser to discuss bringing back the North Korean leader to the dialogue table.

Let's take a step further. Our senior North Korea analyst Go Myong-hyun joins us live via Skype.

Dr. Go, great to see you albeit virtually.

North Korean leader's speech on a podium flanked by missiles for submarines, rocket launchers and intercontinental ballistic missiles. This isn't a familiar scene, is it? A national defense exhibition.
Flexing his weapons capability what are his intentions here?

Not only did the North Korean leader praise his rocket scientists for their efforts to build what he called a "world-class defense capability," but photos from the defense show in Pyeongyang show a missile with a flatter tip, typical of hypersonic missiles. What were you able to make out from the photos from this defense show? How developed are North Korea's weapons system?

Not only did the North pick up in missile tests in recent weeks, but it appears to have restarted operations at its plutonium-producing reactor - according to the International Atomic Energy Agency earlier this year this could allow the regime to expand its nuclear-weapons arsenal.
How acceptable is all this to the U.S. and South Korea? How is it possible that Washington including its pointman on DPRK, Sung Kim, continues to maintain its stance that it's ready for talks with Pyeongyang any time, any where?

At the national defense exhibition, North Korean leader Kim said although the U.S. has been sending signals that it isn't hostile to the North in recent weeks, its behavior provides Pyeongyang no reason to believe so - meaning there continues to be U.S. hostility against North Korea.
What's driving Kim to think this way? What does Kim want from the U.S.?

Recent missile tests by North Korea have obviously further darkened prospects for a shift to dialogue with the Biden administration, which has said it is willing to hold talks at any time with Pyeongyang.
Doesn't the Kim Jong-un regime - with its seasoned diplomats and foreign security analysts and strategists in place - know this? In which direction is the North taking this game?

Kim Jong-un also said he needed to keep developing its arsenal of weapons to face the threat from the U.S. AND South Korea, which recently tested its first submarine-launched missile.
What's the Moon administration's thinking behind its first SLBM launch?

Meanwhile, South Korea’s director of national security, Suh Hoon, flew to Washington to hold talks with U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan. What topped their agenda? What do you think the two security advisers to their respective presidents agreed or disagreed on?

Whether it may be on the occasion of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in February next year or elsewhere, is the formal end of Korean War declaration a possibility between the two Koreas and the U.S. or the two Koreas, China, and the U.S. within President Moon's remaining term in office?

Go Myong-hyun, our senior North Korea analyst thank you for your insights and expertise. We appreciate it.
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