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N. Korea's nuclear weapons pose serious threat to international peace: Psaki Updated: 2021-01-24 08:52:24 KST

The White House has outlined the approach President Biden is going to take to North Korea.
Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the administration would adopt a "new strategy" in dealing with the issue.
The main goal apparently denuclearization to be achieved in close consultation with other American allies.
Kim Sung-min reports.
Calling North Korea a clear threat to international peace, the new U.S. administration hinted at a multilateral approach to deterring Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions, with allies including South Korea and Japan.
".. Of course, we will adopt a new strategy to keep the American people and our allies safe. That approach will begin with a thorough policy review of the state of play in North Korea, in close consultation with South Korea, Japan and other allies on ongoing pressure options, and the potential for any future diplomacy."
The statement marks the first time that the White House officially addressed the North Korean nuclear issue since Biden took office.
Psaki said that the U.S. has a vital interest in deterring Pyeongyang, and that the president considers North Korea's nuclear ballistic missile and other proliferation-related activities as serious threats to international peace.
Such a view aligns with some other experts on North Korea like Sydney Seiler,who also stated that the North's purpose has been the same all along,the development of nuclear weapons.
He added that whether it be a provocation or diplomatic move, Pyongyang's goal of possessing a nuclear weapon has not changed.
Though full details have not been released, Biden's "new strategy" is expected to be significantly different from former President Trump's approach, which largely excluded other allies in negotiations with the North.
"So I will say we will, as we have historically, the United States will work closely with partners in the region to determine a path forward and work together on deterrence."
Biden earlier vowed for "principled diplomacy" with North Korea,highlighting the need for detailed negotiations and his commitment to reducing tension with the North.
He has also criticized Trump's failure to make meaningful progress towards denuclearization through his summit diplomacy.
Kim Sung-min, Arirang News.
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