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CES 2021 :Records First Online Launch in 54-Year History Updated: 2021-01-12 15:14:59 KST

CES, the biggest global tech and gadget show held every January in Las Vegas, kicked off its virtual event after announcing it would be online-only in 2021 due to concerns over the Covid pandemic.

"CES has shifted from a physical show with a little digital to a digital event, purely digital and no physical, because, obviously, of COVID, and we want to be part of the solution, not the problem. () We were hoping to get a thousand companies that were willing to be part of this experiment with us, and we have over eighteen hundred."

The annual event has been an important venue for technology companies and buyers to meet to conduct business getting different verticals together.

From Vegas to cyberspace CES, the pandemic style.
Let's go in-depth.
Joining me live in the studio is David LEE, Founder and Captain of Dream N Future Labs
Dream N Future Labs is a nonprofit accelerator supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups since 2018.

And, later in the show, we'll be joined by Yang Jun-sok, Professor of Economics at the Catholic University of Korea.

David, welcome to News In-depth.

In its 54-years history, this event that drew more than 170-thousand visitors in 2020 is being held completely virtually this year.
What is the importance of this event that amidst the pandemic where many international events have been canceled, CES has decided to take its platform online?

Converging technologies are transforming businesses, induestries and lives.
Analysts say that COVID-19 has sped up digital transformation by roughly 5.3 years.
The grounds for this year's CES showcases just that instead of being expected to break previous record of "biggest event", it sets out to se the "first" all-virtual record.
How has COVID-19 pushed CES and the consumer electronics it entails to evolve? (AIs)

Samsung envisions a "Better Normal for All" and LG unveiled the theme "Life is ON".
What would you say is the key word for CES 2021? How does it reflect the trend of this year's CES?

With little over 600 start-ups from all over the world participating in this year's CES, 135 of those are from South Korea.
How does an event like CES help start-ups of the industry?

For more perspective, joining us is Yang Jun-sok, Professor of Economics at the Catholic University of Korea.
Professor Yang, good to see you again.

From tech giants to start-ups South Korea has significance presence in CES.
What economic benefits does South Korea have in participating in CES?

South Korea's Ministry of SMEs and Startups has built a K-Startup Pavilion to help showcase Korean startups at CES this year. There are 97 start-ups participating through this Pavilion The City of Seoul is also operating a promotion center specifically for K-Startup.
What is the role of the government in nurturing a strong start-up ecosystem?

Yang Jun-sok, Professor of Economics at the Catholic University of Korea, thank you for speaking with us tonight.

You are the founder and captain of Dream N Future Labs. Can you tell us a little about how you contribute to nurturing and developing individuals to become entrepreneurs, and even future participants of events like CES?

What do start-ups in South Korea have as an advantage in comparison to start-ups in other countries?
In what areas do they need more support in?

What are you most looking forward to in this year's CES?

David LEE, Founder and Captain of Dream N Future Labs and Professor of Ewha Womans University Entrepreneurship Center thank you for your insights.
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