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CES 2021 introduces how innovative technology makes life better at home Updated: 2021-01-12 16:54:33 KST

Transparent and bendable display panels are no longer a thing of the future.
The South Korean top large OLED panel maker, LG Display released its new 48-inch bendable OLED TV panels, which bend with just a click of a button, at this year's CES.
When watching TV, the screen stays flat but for games, it can be curved to provide a stunning gaming experience.
It doesn't even require any additional speakers as cinematic sound is released through the vibration of the panel itself.
The company also showcased its transparent TV screens and how they can be installed in restaurants to order food, on subways trains, and for educational purposes.
Along with TVs, LG Electronics explained how their innovative home appliances can provide convenience to users while also giving a brief glimpse of what seems to be its new 'rollable' phone.

"Our recent experience has redefined what it means to be 'at home', and that's why when this year, when you say 'Make yourself at home', we are not talking about staying content where we are with what we have,.. instead it's all about exploring new possibilities for all the essential values of home."

The company unveiled products from wearable air purifiers to a refrigerator with a seamless design, with a window on your fridge that allows you to see through the doors so that users can see what's inside more easily.
The company also introduced its new artificial human named Reah Keem, a 23-year-old female musician, who even gave a short presentation at the press conference.

Another tech giant in the country, Samsung Electronics also aims to bring convenience to everyday life with its products.

"Technology that helps you, that works all around you. That doesn't complicate life but makes it better."

From its customized refrigerator called Bespoke to a micro LED TV that fits seamlessly to the users' living space, Samsung said their innovations are designed to provide more personal and more intuitive experiences.
It also introduced robots such as an AI-powered robotic vacuum cleaner, and the Samsung Bot Handy which can move around and do things like set the table and put away groceries.
Samsung said this is just a glimpse of what the future looks like as robotics and AI adapts to us.
Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.
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