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COVID-19 prevention measures at Gimpo Int'l Airport during Chuseok Updated: 2020-09-29 17:05:27 KST

Now, standing by at Gimpo International Airport where people are also departing from today is our Kim Yeon-seung.
Yeon-seung, normally there'd be massive crowds at the airport for Chuseok.
How are things looking there today?

Connyoung, so there are no international flights departing from Gimpo Airport and maybe that's why it's quite busy today.
Korea Airports Corporation estimates that seven-hundred-80 thousand people will visit 14 airports in South Korea which mostly deals with domestic flights, not counting Incheon International, during the holiday period.
That's down about 25-percent compared to the Chuseok period last year, but here at Gimpo Airport I'm not seeing a significant dent in the number of people.
Many have told me here today that they're visiting family or taking this time to go on a vacation.
I talked to a few travelers here today and their destinations ranged from Jeju to Busan.
The most popular destination seems to be Jeju Island.

"We're going to Jeju Island to spend some time away from home in a hotel. But we know we can't go too far."

"We didn't have COVID-19 last year so there were more people. But still, I think there's quite a few people here."

More than half of the flights departing from Gimpo Airport today are headed to Jeju.
The island's tourism association is expecting almost two-hundred-thousand tourists during Chuseok this yearnot too dissimilar to last year when around two-hundred-30 thousand people made the trip.

So, it appears that although many South Koreans have indeed decided against making visits to their elderly patients and family in hometowns, they're going ahead with vacation plans for the long holiday this week.
Now, Yeonseung, with quite a number of people expected to be traveling, are there special quarantine measures in place?

As one would expect, airport staff are quite meticulous when it comes to disinfection work.
The entire airport is disinfected at least once a day and areas which are frequented the most are being cleaned at least three times a day.
I also talked to Jeju Air to see what sort of prevention measures are being carried out on board their aircrafts, and they told me that all cabin crew members are wearing masks and latex gloves.
In terms of seating, passengers are being spaced out to ensure that a safe distance from others is being maintained.
Upon arrival on Jeju Island, the local government is carrying out strict quarantine measures.
For example, anyone who has a temperature higher than 37.five degrees will be immediately escorted to a walk-through test center.
Within the airport, everyone is strongly advised to wear masksand on Jeju Island entertainment facilities such as bars and singing rooms are mostly closed as per government orders.
That's all I have for now. Back to you, Connyoung.

Our Kim Yeonseung from Gimpo Airport. Thanks, Yeonseung.
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