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S. Korea's youngest lawmaker challenges old practices at National Assembly with 'pink dress' Updated: 2020-08-07 17:04:27 KST

This pink dress has got South Koreans talking.
It's the dress worn by 27-year-old Justice Party representative Ryu Ho-jeong, the youngest lawmaker in the country.
Some say it is an act of courage and freedom.
But others claim it is an "improper" outfit for the parliament, with some even making crude comments like "is she going on date?" or making a flood of misogynistic comments online.
In this debate over the "parliamentary dress code", which technically doesn't even exist, some politicians have weighed in to show their support for Ryu.

"It's very wrong to attack her and if anyone makes sexually offensive comments, the person must be harshly criticized or punished."
Ruling Democratic Party lawmaker Ko Min-jung took to Facebook, saying "I thank Ryu for breaking the National Assembly's highly rigor and authoritarian culture."
And Justice Party leader Sim Sang-jung said "I feel like wearing a dress today. The parliament should be diverse, just as citizens are, so that it can better work for more people."
Ryu explained that the dress was part of an event from her youth forum,to challenge the old practices of the male-dominant parliament.
But she said the debate needs to go further than the dress itself.

"For me, the parliament is a workplace. Those sexually assaulting comments I received for wearing a dress would be ordinary for many other female workers out there. These kinds of discrimination should no longer continue."

The controversy over the pink dress has led to it selling out on the brand's online mall, and similar dresses are being pumped out, named "the Ryu dress."
It has also sparked a wider public debate, and made people think more deeply about freedom and equality.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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