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Passengers texted from ferry as it was sinking Updated: 2014-04-17 15:15:10 KST

Passengers texted from ferry as it was sinking
Text messages, apparently from passengers,. paint a harrowing picture of what it was like in the moments directly after the ferry started sinking.

One trapped passenger texted his father telling him about his current situation.
To this, the father responded "I know help is on the way, but if possible, get outside."
To this the son texts back
"No, Dad, I can't, the ferry is too tilted. There are no kids out in the hallways."
Another passenger this time a son texted his mother
"Mom, just in case I don't have another chance to say it, I love you."
The mother replied but clearly unaware of his situation. [show text]

An exchange between two brothers describes what had happened.
The passenger texted that the ferry hit something and stopped moving
but reassured his older brother that a rescue team had arrived.
The older brother replied, telling him not to panic, to stay alert and follow directions
but he heard nothing more.

Meanwhile the stories of survivors show their desperate attempts to live with some passengers breaking through windows and jumping into the waters to be rescued.

"I just jumped into the water and started swimming. It was really cold so I tried to swim as fast as I could"

Stories of heroism are also surfacing
including one, where 58-year-old saved 20 passengers by himself as the ferry was sinking.
Kim reportedly tied a fire hose to curtains and pulled nearly two dozen students from the first floor of the ship to the outside so that rescue helicopters could reach them.
And another story of heroism is the rescue of a 6-year-old child.
The young girl named was rescued by four passengers as you can see in this video in the final moments.
During the disaster, she was apparently split up from her parents and brother--- who are, unfortunately, still among the hundreds who are still missing.
Connie Lee, Arirang News.

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