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U.S. Pres. Biden Concludes Final Day in Seoul with Hyundai Meeting, Visit to Joint Airspace Control Center with Pres. Yoon
Updated: 2022-05-22 11:15:34 KST
U.S. President concludes his final day of his first visit to South Korea as president on this Sunday.
Our Editor-in-Chief Moon Connyoung is live at the presidential office in Seoul with details on how Presidents Yoon and Biden will spend the day together.
Connyoung, what do you have for us?

U.S. President Joe Biden began his third and final day of his South Korea tour with a meeting with the Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group, Chung Eui-sun where he highlighted 11 billion U.S. dollars in new
investments from the South Korean automaker including 5-and-a-half bilion dollars to open a new electric vehicle factory in the U.S. state of Georgia.
There, President Biden deilvered remarks on Hyundai's decision to invest in a 7 billion dollar electric vehicle and battery manufacturing facility in Savannah, Georgia.
He also highlight how his economic agenda and the strengthening economic partnership between Seoul and Washington are resulting in clean energy investments among other things.

Mind you, one of Biden's primary objectives in visiting Asia this week has been to reaffirm his commitment to two key alliances while also seeking ways to further expand economic cooperation.

Just yesterday, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol and U.S. President Joe Biden said they were open to expanding joint military drills that Biden's predecessor scaled back and reaffirmed the allies' readiness to take on all threats together including North Korea's nuclear threats and deploying U.S. strategic assets any time, if necessary, to deter North Korean threats, Devin.

What do the two leaders have left for the remainder of the day?

For the rest of the afternoon, the two Presidents will spend time demonstrating the allies' ironclad and decades-long military alliance with the two observing a joint airspace control center where members of
the South Korean and U.S. militaries work alongside each other to monitor airspace made tense by North Korea's intensifying missile tests.
This is the first time for any U.S. president to visit the Korea Air and Space Operation Center.

President Yoon will see off President Biden there after which the South Korean Commander-in-Chief will visit a Korean base to encourage Korean troops while the U.S. leader will conclude a visit to South Korea visiting with some of the nearly 30,000 American service members stationed here, Devin.
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