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Leaders of S. Korea, U.S. reaffirm commitments to global comprehensive strategic alliance
Updated: 2022-05-21 16:39:57 KST
Presidents Yoon and Biden had their first one-on-one just a few hours ago.
For more, we have our presidential office correspondent Yoon Jung-min on the line.
Jung-min, what were the key takeaways?

Daniel, there are many things, but to begin with, the two Presidents reaffirmed their commitments to a "global comprehensive strategic alliance" based on democracy and the rules-based international order.
Presidents Yoon and Biden both agree to start discussions to expand the scope and scale of combined military exercises on and around the Korean Peninsula.
And they also agreed to reactivate the high-level Extended Deterrence Strategy and Consultation Group at the earliest date as well as to deploy strategic U.S. military assets in a timely manner.
And at a presser, President Yoon pledged diplomatic efforts along with the international community for "complete denuclearization" of North Korea.
But at the same time, he said doors remain open for dialogue and reiterated once again was the South Korean leader's will to provide humanitarian aid to North Korea against Covid-19 and called for a response from the regime.

Now, as for economic security, Mr. Yoon and Mr. Biden will launch an economic security dialogue, - aimed at strengthening cooperation on chips, batteries, and nuclear energy.
Also discussed was the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, on which they have agreed to work closely together.
Soon to be launched is a "Reciprocal Defense Procurement agreement" to bolster cooperation in the defense industry.

And South Korea and the U.S. aim to contribute more to global issues.
As part of that, Seoul will establish a Global Health Security coordinating office in the city.
Seoul and Washington have also agreed to further deepen their coordination against Russia's invasion of Ukraine and on achieving carbon neutrality.

Back to you, Daniel.
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