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Yoon, Biden Summit to be Held in the Coming Hours
Updated: 2022-05-21 11:04:34 KST
Later this afternoon, President Biden will be at the nation's top office for a summit with President Yoon Suk-yeol.
Our Moon Connyoung is live at the venue in Yongsan.
Connyoung, what's the ambience like there right now.

Well, Daniel, as you can imagine there is an air of excitement and anxiety here at the new presidential office as this is the first reception by the new South Korean President of any head of state AND the first time that a meeting at the summit level is taking place - not at this nation's traditional presidential office, the Blue House, but here at the new presidential office in Yongsan.

Joe Biden begins his first visit to Asia as President in earnest on this Saturday - as he touched down late afternoon yesterday and went straight to the Samsung Semiconductor Facility in Pyeongtaek where he met the newly elected South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol for the first time.
The two leaders vowed to strengthen their economic security alliance and move the South Korea, U.S. alliance to greater heights.
Presidential Office aides here say President Yoon said high-tech state of the art industry is impossible outside of a liberal democratic system.

Today, Presidents Yoon and Biden will meet here at Seoul's new presidential office dubbed the People's House in Yongsan to discuss a number of pressing issues including North Korea which appears poised to thrust itself into the conversation with a nuclear or missile test.

After a visit to the National Cemetery where the U.S. leader will participte in a wreath laying ceremony to pay his respects to those who died defending the Republic of Korea many whom fighting alongside U.S. forces in the Korean War Mr. Biden will arrive here at the presidential office for a bilateral with President Yoon to affirm the strength of the South Korea, U.S. alliance.
The bilat will begin with a restricted summit - meaning the two presidents will only be accompanied by his top most aides - followed by a brief personal get-to-know session, if you will, between Yoon, prosecutor-general turned president a political novice with this being his first time in an elected position and Biden, a veteran politician of more than 20 years. One more interesting note is that Biden is 18 years older than Yoon.
So, it should be intersting to see the chemistry between the two presidents.
They will have a couple minutes by themselves - just the two of them only accompanied by their interpretors and then head into an expanded summit.

That will be followed by a joint press conference by the two leaders, right?

Yes, in fact, the highlight of the day will be the joint statement to be announced by the two leaders during their joint news conference following the expanded summit.
Both Seoul's top office and the White House have expressed excitement and confidence about what will be announced in the joint statement as it's expected to encompass a wide range of issues and take the South Korea, U.S. alliance beyond the traditional military alliance to one that reaffirms security alliance, strengthens economic partnership and economic security and stretching to one of high-tech alliance including space development.

The day will wrap up with a state dinner hosted by President Yoon at the National Museum of Korea, Daniel.
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