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National Assembly likely to approve Yoon's PM nominee Han Duck-soo with DP shifting stance
Updated: 2022-05-20 17:09:12 KST
Today is the day lawmakers decide on whether to approve President Yoon Suk-yeol's Prime Minister nominee Han Duck-soo or not.
The plenary session was just convened at 6 PM.
We go live to our Lee Kyung-eun standing by at the National Assembly.
Kyung-eun, what do we know so far?

Lawmakers began voting whether to approve Han Duck-soo's appointment as Prime Minister the only Cabinet post in South Korea that requires such.
Of course, the president's People Power Party will all vote for approval.
The main opposition Democratic Party which holds the majority of seats will also likely to join.
Prior to voting, the DP adopted approving Han's nomination as the party's official decision.
So, that's likely to be the voting outcome.

Shifting from its stance, the DP said it largely took into consideration that Han is the first PM of the new government who needs to deal with urgent challenges.
The party said it's also part of a bipartisan cooperation for the new government.
The PPP largely welcomed the decision adding it will also work for bipartisan cooperation which was the message by the President to Han.

"President Yoon said he aims to push for strengthened partnership between the rival parties once the approval process is over, and for that, completing the formation of the new administration will be key."

This comes 47 days since Han was nominated for the post. Walk us through what took it so long?

The main opposition DP has declared Han an "inappropriate" appointment.
It mainly cited Han's "conflicts of interest" related to is hefty salary at a lawfirm.
It claimed the former Prime Minister used his reputation as a high-level official for such a benefit.
And even when announcing it will approve Han, the party made clear they still think that Han is professionally and ethically not qualified for the post.
Due to its objection, Han's confirmation hearing and the voting process were all delayed.
During which, the Yoon government was launched where the president pushed ahead with appointing controversial ministers fueling tensions between the rival parties.
Once the PM is formally appointed, Yoon will need to appoint two more ministers to complete the total 18 posts.
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