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[IN-DEPTH] Joe Biden lands in S. Korea Friday, set for summit with Yoon Saturday
Updated: 2022-05-20 17:09:44 KST
With the two leaders delivering their messages at Pyeongtaek, let's delve into what they actually mean and look into what activities President Biden will pursue during his stay in Seoul.

For this, we are joined by Kim Jae-chun, Professor and Dean of Sogang Graduate School of International Studies and Bruce Klingner, Senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, both via Skype.

1. (KIM) President Biden arrived in Seoul a few hours ago, and we just heard the presidents of South Korea and the U.S. give speeches.
What can we take away from them?

2. (KLINGNER) What about you, Professor. Which aspects of the two leaders' speeches caught your attention?

3. (KLINGNER) This latest summit is highly significant as it will be the soonest a summit has taken place between Seoul and Washington after the inauguration of a South Korean president at just 11 days. And it's also President Biden's first visit to the Indo-Pacific region since taking office. Can this signal a strengthened Seoul-Washington alliance?

4. (KIM) In Seoul, first on the itinerary for the two leaders was Samsung's semiconductor factory in Pyeongtaek. How significant is this?

5. (KIM) During the summit set for Saturday, which we understand is to last for around 90 minutes. What do you think will be the main items on the agenda, and do you think some concrete agreements could be made?

6. (KLINGNER) Just days before the summit, there have been reports that North Korea could hold its 7th nuclear test soon. How do you think Seoul and Washington should approach the North Korea issue?

7. (KIM) Also, in the coming days, President Biden is poised to launch the I-PEF or the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework. For starters, can you tell us what this is, and what it seeks to pursue?

8. (KLINGNER) President Yoon is expected to participate in the virtual summit of the IPEF. What kind of an impact do you think this will have on South Korea's economy and diplomacy with China? And how should Seoul set out to manage its relations with Beijing?

9. (KIM) Biden also plans to have a banquet attended by the heads of South Korea's 4 largest conglomerates after his summit. Namely, the leaders of Hyundai Motor, SK, LG, and Samsung. What kind of economic cooperation can we expect?

Alright, we will have to wait and see for any more developments until Biden leaves the country, but for now, thank you for your insights we appreciate them.
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