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Second day of campaigning for local elections: PPP heads to Gwangju while DP rallies in Chungcheong-do provinces
Updated: 2022-05-20 11:47:21 KST
MEANWHILE it's the second day of official campaigning for South Korea's June 1st local elections and by-elections.
The ruling People Power Party leadership started HIS day in the liberal stronghold of GWANGJU.
Chairman Lee Jun-seok (???ؼ?) took a midnight bus to the city upon learning about a damaged banner.
He reportedly fixed the banner in a visible show of determination to better commit to the region.
Later on this Friday Lee will return to the capital area to help his party candidates address voters.
The Democratic Party of Korea for its part is focusing on the Chungcheong-do provinces today where the party leadership will join candidates in rallies.
This central part of South Korea is traditionally a swing region.
The DP is looking to convince voters that it can ensure checks and balances to the Yoon administration and make efforts to develop the key cities in the region.
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